About us

Healthoj.com is a vision of Dr Ravi Mahajan.

Dr Ravi Mahajan and his wife Dr Archna Mahajan came up with the idea of this website primarily to spread awareness and provide Ayurveda resources to readers with a deep desire to make natural health solutions accessible to all.

The Doctors

Dr Ravi Mahajan is BAMS, MD (Alternative Medicine) and an expert Ayurveda consultant in Punjab, India since 2000. He specializes in chronic diseases, digestive system disorders,  Arthritis, Skin and sex diseases, and lifestyle diseases.

Dr Archna Mahajan is Bachelor in Ayurveda medicine and Surgery. She is an Ayurveda consultant, specializing in women’s diseases.

The couple has vast experience with herbs, classical Ayurveda Ras medicines (metals) and their applied uses. Their main aim is to prevent and treat diseases and help as many people as possible by providing them knowledge about nature, herbs, healing without medicines, and preventing diseases by improving diet and lifestyle.

We help you in maintaining your health forever. Our vision is of a HEALTHY NATION empowered by HEALTHY PEOPLE everywhere. About us, the page tells our aim of promoting wellness and happiness. We at Healthoj.com provide credible information and in-depth reference material about health subjects that matter to you.

Comprehensive information on various health-related topics has been provided by our medical professionals. Our quality service and dedication to our patients are what have brought us a long way both offline and online.

We hope, rather we believe, that we can address your concerns & help you make healthy today & tomorrow & for the years to come. We have made an effort to fulfil all the health concerned needs.

Your satisfaction is our mission. So, to ensure a healthy life, turn back to nature for natural cures. 

Take out some time to browse the website and brush up on your knowledge of Ayurveda!