Benefits of Apple

The age-old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Eating an apple daily can do wonders for your health.

Apples are a popular fruit, containing antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber, and a range of other nutrients. Due to their varied nutrient content, they may help prevent several health conditions.

Apples are not just crunchy, sweet and satisfying. As part of a smart diet, they can help protect against serious diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. So, benefits of apple are huge, consider them as your secret health weapon.

Nutritional Value of Apple

One medium apple has about:
100 calories
25 grams of carbohydrates
4 grams of fiber
19 grams of sugar
A variety of strong antioxidants

Scientists also give apples credit for helping:
Your lung strength
Weight loss
Your brain (easing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and age-related memory loss)
Your immune system
Your gut health

You don’t need to be concerned about the sugar in apples. Although they have carbs that affect your blood sugar, these carbs are different from other sugars that strip away fiber that’s good for you. So consuming apple provides benefits in every aspect of health

Some main benefits of apple are as-

Benefits of Apple

Benefits of Apple:

  1. For White Teeth and Strong Gums

Apple is a great source of water and fiber that act as cleansing agents. It contains malic acid that boosts saliva production, hence removing bacteria from the mouth. The Malic acid in apple helps to keep your teeth white and shine. They maintain oral health.

2. Boost Cardiovascular System-
Apples have lots of Pectin fibre and other constituents, such as antioxidant, polyphenols which are linked to reduce the levels of “unhealthy” (LDL) cholesterol, and slow down its oxidation. This process also lowers the risk of atherosclerosis. Moreover, the soluble fiber tie-up with the fats presents in the intestine so that cholesterol won’t rise in your body. Many studies have proved that people who consume apples regularly are less prone to stroke as compared to those who don’t. This sweet and sour fruit also contains lots of potassium that is known to control high blood pressure preventing you from the risk of heart attack.

3. Good for Diabetics and Blood Sugar Regulation
According to a recent study, an apple for breakfast reduces the chance of Type-2 diabetes by 29%. Moreover, apples are a great way to control insulin as the components found in them are known to release sugar into the bloodstream steadily. The decent quantity of soluble fibers in the fruit also controls blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. The fructose (a class of sugar) and antioxidant polyphenols in apples improve the metabolic balance and slow the rate at which sugar is absorbed in the body. This property of apples is especially effective for diabetics. Experts have also suggested that apples lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes because of a class of antioxidants called Anthocyanin.

4. Apples Prevent Haemorrhoids
Haemorrhoids happen when your anal canal veins swell. This condition can be extremely painful causing pressure in your pelvic and rectal region. Consuming fiber is the simplest way to deal with swollen anal veins, and being loaded with dietary fiber, apples are the perfect solution.

5. Acts as Detoxifier
Maintaining liver health is essential as it is responsible to remove toxins from your body. Therefore, in this case, consuming apple juice can become a healthy alternative.

6. Beneficial for Respiratory System
You can improve your lung health by consuming apples in any form. This is due to the components found in the fruit containing antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber, and a range of other nutrients. Due to their varied nutrient content, that are known to prevent you from several respiratory problems including, bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma.

7. Prevent from Cancer
Consuming antioxidant-rich foods may help prevent the oxidative stress that causes cell damage and may lead to the development of certain cancers. Apples are a good source of antioxidants and flavonoids. Apples have the potential to lower the chance of pancreatic cancer. According to expert’s regular consumption of apple may help lower the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer, among other types.

8. Control Body Weight
Apples contain no fat thus; they are ideal for overweight people. Being enriched with dietary fiber, this tasty fruit keeps you full for hours impeding you from overeating.

9. Prevents Osteoporosis
This amazing fruit has plenty of phloridzin (a flavonoid) found in apple skin, which shields women against osteoporosis. associated with menopause.  Compound boron found in the apples is also worked to strengthen bones.

10. Helps Relieve Constipation and Diarrhoea
Experts emphasized on consuming at least one apple daily because being rich in dietary fiber, it is extremely beneficial for intestinal disorders including diverticulitis, stomach cancer, and hemorrhoids. Many studies have proved it as a simple yet effective way to treat diarrhea and constipation. Moreover, it also performs as a cleanser and detoxifier that flushes out toxic metals including mercury and lead from your body. It is worth mentioning that eating apple regularly also reduces Bacteroides and Clostridiales found in your large intestine. Apples also contain malic acid, which is again a useful digestive aid. 

11. Prevents Cataracts
Many studies have concluded that consuming a diet enriched with antioxidants can prevent cataracts. Consuming apples can help you here as it is said to reduce the development of cataracts.

12. Enhance Brain Power
Being enriched with an antioxidant Quercetin, apples can help to reduce the chance of dementia and Parkinson’s disease. According to experts, incorporating apples in your daily in the form of juice will increase the production of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter), which results in enhanced memory power and lower your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. 

13. Boost Your Energy Levels

Apples are a great source of proteins, fibers, anti-oxidants and flavonoids to get super energized. These nutrients ensure your body gets a proper supply of oxygen through enhanced blood circulation. This is why; experts suggest an apple before your workout session and exercise regimes.

14. For Skin Protection
You can get rid of old dead dermal cells by eating an apple every day. It is also known to rejuvenate skin cells, boosting collagen production, keeping your skin nice and hydrated. Drinking a glass of fresh apple juice keeps your skin free from all sorts of inflammations, irritations and similar skin problems.

Being enriched with vitamins, apple boosts collagen production preventing premature aging and wrinkles.

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