Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose), Benefits, How to do it

What is Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose):

In Sanskrit, “Bhujanga” means snake, and “Asana” means pose; that’s why this yoga pose is referred to as the ‘Cobra Pose’. Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose) mimics the posture of a cobra that has its hood raised. It is the eighth pose in the 12 poses of the Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation yoga routine. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) benefits the complete digestive system greatly.

How to do Bhujang Asana (Cobra pose):

Step 1: Start by lying on your stomach and rest your forehead on the floor.

Step 2: Keep your feet together and your toes touching the ground. Place your hands at shoulder level and palms on the floor

Step 3: As you inhale lift your head, chest, and abdomen and make sure that you keep the navel on the floor. Try to see the roof.

Step 4: Maintain the position for 10 to 60 seconds with steadily inhaling and exhaling

Step 5: Come to the original position slowly with a deep exhalation.

 Step 6: Repeat the process for 3 to 5 times.

bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

How to deepen this yoga stretch?
As you inhale, make a gentle effort to push the chest forward; as you exhale, make a gentle effort to push the navel down. Tuck the toes under. Ensure you’re stretching just as much as you can; do not force your body.

Types of Cobra pose (Bhujangasana):

There are four types of Bhujangasana.

  1. Cobra pose (Saral Hasta Bhujangasana)

This is also known as the conventional pose that we are talking about since the beginning. It has positive effects on the overall body and mind development.

2. Curved hands cobra pose (Vakra Hasta Bhujangasana) 

This is a bit simpler variation than the conventional cobra pose. This bhujangasana allows you to keep your arms curved instead of straightening them. For someone who is unable to perform a straight hand stance shall perform this to enjoy the benefits of this asana. Curved hand mostly focuses on healthier digestion.

3. Ardha Bhujangasana (Half cobra pose) 

 Those, who are suffering from stiff back, back pain or any other back problems and are unable to bend their back to make a perfect curve should perform this pose. It’s most referred to the beginners who are unable to stretch their back. Performing the half cobra pose will gradually add flexibility to the practitioner’s spine and he/she will be able to perform conventional cobra pose in the future as well.

4. Rising Hand Cobra Pose

If you are trying to put more emphasis on your Glutes (buttocks) development then you should perform this variation. Practicing the rising hand cobra pose requires you to raise your hands in the air once you attain an arched back. It can be practiced to reduce fat from the waistline as well as for buttock beauty.

Benefits of Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose):

  1. Strengthens and Relaxes the entire back Bone

This posture strengthens and relaxes the entire back by harmonizing the energy flow in both its superficial and deep muscles. It can also relieve and prevent spasms. It facilitates the effective coordination between the brain and the rest parts of the body thus ensuring better health.

2. Improve Digestion and Intestinal Function
It strengthens the abdominal muscles and solar plexus, which improve digestion and intestinal function. It is helpful in treating many digestion-related conditions such as constipation, indigestion, flatulence, etc.

3. Good for kidneys:
It rejuvenates the kidneys and adrenal glands and strengthens the nervous system, which positively affects all vital functions. Cobra pose helps to compress the kidney thus removing the stagnated blood thereby helping in improving the efficiency of the kidneys.

4. Stress buster:
The cobra pose gives a good massage to the adrenal gland, which produces the adrenaline hormone. This hormone is good to ease stress, and anxiety and reduce the tension in the body.

5. Shape Body and Burns Extra Fat
Regular practice of Bhujangasana is helpful in toning and shredding extra fat from abdominal areas. It shapes the body and burns the extra fat, especially from the buttock area.

6. Cures Lower Back Stiffness
Practicing bhujangasana can cure lower back stiffness. This pose is mainly working on making your back stronger and more flexible. This pose helps loosen up the spine and remove impure stagnated blood from your lower back area.

7. In Sciatica
In sciatica, the half cobra pose is very effective. This pose helps in adjusting the nerves around the spine thus helps in relieving the pain.

8. In Rheumatism:
Cortisone is a hormone that is secreted by the adrenal gland. This hormone is considered a leading factor for rheumatism. The cobra pose regulates the secretion of this hormone thus helpful in alleviating rheumatic pain.

9. Gynaecological disorders:
This asana is good in treating many gynecological disorders by toning the ovary and uterus. It decreases menstrual irregularities in women. The cobra pose is very effective in cases of leucorrhoea, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea.

10. For thyroid gland:
Bhujangasana has proven effects on regulating the thyroid gland thus helping in maintaining good health

11. Improves lung capacity:
The cobra pose helps to expand the chest thus beneficial for breathing-related problems.

12. Activates Kundalini:
Bhujangasana helps to stimulate the bio-energy potential of kundalini by direct influence upon various plexuses, nerves, and nerve cells.

13. For Increasing Height
Bhujangasana helps in relieving the stress from the back and improve its mobility. Performing spine stretching exercises for a long time can be an effective way to increase to your height.

14. Strengthen Arms & Shoulders
Holding the bhujangasana for a minute can Strengthen Arms & Shoulders and maintain the natural posture by correcting the imbalanced body postures.

Precautions of Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose):

  • Pregnant women should avoid cobra pose.
  • If you have recently undergone an abdominal surgery like a hernia, this should be avoided
  • Someone who has a broken wrist or ribs should avoid the cobra pose.
  • Patients with sciatica, slip-disc, spondylitis, and ulcerative colitis should take extra precautions.

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