Prana Mudra, Benefits and Steps to Do

What is Prana Mudra?

There are five main or superior prana in our body. These are prana, udana, samana, vyana and apana. These are the vital energy forces present in the body which have got specific functions.

Prana Mudra is a very powerful mudra. It activates the Root Chakra, in which the elemental force of a human being is found. This finger position stimulates the nourishing energy in the pelvic floor. Combined with conscious and gentle breathing, Prana mudra has a stabilizing and calming effect on the body and mind. This mudra along with Surya Mudra, Apaan Mudra is beneficial in Diabetes.

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How to Do Prana Mudra:

  1. Sit cross-legged.
  2. Spread out fingers.
  3. The bend ring finger and little finger
  4. Touch the tip of the thumb with their tips.
  5. Keep other fingers straight and relaxed, away from one another.
  6. There should be mild pressure between the joining fingers. Concentrate on breathing patterns.
  7. This mudra Can be practiced at any time.
  8. The hands are to be kept over the knees.

Benefits of Prana Mudra :                                 

  • For Diabetes-

Normalizes blood sugar. Very beneficial in Diabetes, specially NIDDM.

  • For Vision Improvement

Cures eye defects and improves eyesight.

  • Immunity Booster

Improves immunity which is responsible for fighting against diseases, infections, and pathogens

  • For Life Support

It helps in sustaining life when deprived of food and water.

  • Improve Concentration

It increases concentration and self-confidence.

  • For Insomnia

Particularly useful in curing Insomnia when done along with Gyan-Mudra.

  • For weakness –

Prana Mudra is known to make weak people strong. It decreases the clamps in blood vessels and helps make you more active.

  • Prana Mudra for energy, vigour, and vitality

Regular practice of the mudra fills your body with immense energy, vigour, and vitality. The procedure is just like recharging a battery.

  • For Muscle Pain

It reduces muscular pain. It removes fatigue.

  • Overcome negative thoughts –

If your mind is trapped in the cage of negative thoughts, then prana mudra is the ultimate solution to get rid of this negativity and negative thoughts.

  • Removes lethargy –

A feeling of low energy can be entirely removed by practising this mudra as it is directly related to the activation of the Muladhara Chakra.

  • Increase lung efficiency –

Prana mudra is an aid to increase the efficiency of the lungs as it is related to breathing exercises.

  • Tuberculosis management –

This mudra helps you to overcome tuberculosis and prevents its occurrence.

  • Useful in Paralysis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, and circulatory disorders.

Duration of Prana Mudra :

Prana mudra can be practised for a minimum period of 15 to 45 minutes. Although there is no limitation on how long you should practice a mudra.

It can be practised daily and gives the best results when performed during other yogic practices.

Prana Mudra Contraindications :

  • Those who already have the Kapha dominant body should take guidance from a yoga teacher before attempting this practice.
  • When you have a cough, cold, allergy, or flu you should avoid this practice and can restart the same after recovery from the allergy or flu.
  • It increases the Kapha element which may result in increased body weight so in case of obesity you should take guidance from a yoga teacher before attempting the practice of Pran Mudra.

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