Surya Mudra, Benefits and how to do

What is Surya Mudra?

The word Surya comes from Sanskrit. there Surya means “sun” and mudra means “gesture/pose”

Surya Mudra increases the fire element in the human body. Therefore, it is also called Agni Mudra i.e. fire gesture.

Surya Mudra is opposite Earth Mudra. By performing this gesture, the fire element of the body is enriched and depletes excess of earth elements. Therefore, it is also called Agni Vardhaka Mudra i.e. fire increasing gesture. It is also called Prithvi Shamak Mudra – earth element reducing gesture

The finger of the sun is the Anamika finger, also called the ring finger. This finger is related to the Sun and Uranus planets.

The Sun represents energy and health. Uranus is a symbol of intuition, sexuality, and change.

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surya Mudra

Steps to Do Surya Mudra :

  • Sit in any comfortable posture.
  • Place your hands on your thighs or knee. Let the palms face upwards, towards the roof.
  • Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths.
  • Now fold your ring finger and press it with your thumb.
  • Put the ring finger such that its tip touches the root of your thumb.
  • Keep the other three fingers extended.
  • Now apply moderate pressure on your ring finger using your thumb.
  • Simultaneously repeat the same procedure on the other hand too.
  • Perform this pose for 35 minutes at a stretch every day or for 10 to 12 minutes three times a day.

Benefits of Surya Mudra :

  1. Boost Energy

Surya Mudra acts as an energy booster. Just like the Sun, this mudra provides us the essential heat and energy and keeps us fit and healthy.

  1. Keep Mind Calm

Surya Mudra or hand gesture helps to calm a restless and anxious mind.

  1. Improve Digestion

It enables heat balance in the body. It increases the fire element in the body and regulates metabolism. It improves appetite and digestion. This mudra helps in the digestion of food by increasing metabolism.

It is good for those who have consumed heavily to digest foods.

  1. Balance Body Heat

Surya mudra helps to produce heat in the body, good in the winter season. Surya mudra helps in problems like shivering, cold, and coldness of body parts. It helps regulate body temperature.

  1. Improve eyesight

Since the fire element is related to vision, improvement of fire in the body will also improve the vision.

  1. Boost Liver Health

The mudra is beneficial for supporting the roots of blood-carrying channels i.e. liver and spleen. It is good for liver and spleen health. It removes the blocks in the liver and enables maintaining liver health.

  1. Decrease Cholesterol level

Surya Mudra lowers cholesterol levels. It works for removing extra cholesterol accumulated in the blood vessels and hence reduces the risk of heart attacks and indirectly helps in curing diabetes also.

  1. Surya Mudra for Weight Loss

This mudra is useful in reducing the earth element in the body. Fat tissue is predominantly made up of earth elements. A decrease in earth elements leads to weight loss. Surya Mudra helps reduce weight and is a good remedy for obesity. It should be practiced by women who gain weight after delivery. It is popularly known as ‘Weight Loss Mudra’.

  1. Surya Mudra for Thyroid

It is an effective remedy for thyroid-related disorders. This can be achieved by pressing the tip of the ring finger on the thyroid point.

  1. For Stress and Depression

It has a positive effect on your body, mind, and soul. It keeps you healthy and happy. It also promotes longevity of life.

It helps combat stress and depression. It can be practiced by those feeling low.

  1. For Diabetic Complications

It controls blood urea and complications of diabetes.

  1. For Oedema-

It removes excessive fluidity and swelling of the body.

  1. Improve Concentration

It increases concentration and focusing properties.

When practiced regularly it awakens intuition in a person.

Surya Mudra Side Effects & cautions :

  • One should not do this mudra when he has weakness in his body.
  • In summer it should not be done for a long time.
  • Pitta constitution people should be careful doing this posture. The fire element is predominant in these people and this mudra to enhances fire element.
  • It increases fire element in the body. This might increase the body temperature. You can avoid this mudra when you have too much heat in your body or suffering from fever.
  • Avoid doing this gesture if you are underweight because this mudra is highly effective in reducing weight.

Who Should Especially Practice Surya or Agni Mudra?

  • People having a desk job or who used to sit for long hours are generally troubled with overweight. Surya mudra maintains excessive fat on the belly & relieves overweight problems.
  • Those people who have laziness in their behavior or feel powerless even after a small work, must adopt Surya mudra.
  • Persons with weak eyesight can also adopt Surya mudra to increase the fire element of the body, as with balance of fire elements in the body improves vision.

Diseases in which Surya Mudra is Useful

Surya Mudra has a good hold in treating the below-mentioned diseases –

Obesity and overweight

High cholesterol

Excessive coldness in the body

Common cold, blocked nose


Indigestion and other digestive disorders,


Eye disorders

Less sweating in the body

Thyroid problems

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