Varun Mudra, Benefits and How to do it

Varun Mudra—-“Varun” is basically a Sanskrit origin term which means “God of Water” or “God of Sea”. Mudra means Gesture or Closed seal of fingers.

over 70% of our body is made up of water element and maintaining its balanced level is the key to a healthy life.

In yoga, there are many techniques that work on balancing water element in our body.

Here one such technique is Varun mudra. Varun Mudra increases Water element with in body. Due to its ability to increase the water content in the body, varun mudra also known as Jal Vardhak Mudra.

when varun mudra practised it brings mental stability in a person, hence, also called “seal of mental clarity “

Varun mudra uses little finger & thumb to unite the element of water present in our body. The small finger is the symbol of the water element that protects the body from diseases cause by water, such as dehydration etc. And the thumb is the symbol of the fire element. When these two elements combine, the water element increases in the body. It can practice anytime and anywhere. There are some simple steps that will explain how to do this Varun Mudra.

varun Mudra

How to do Varun Mudra:

  • First of all, sit in any comfortable seating posture like Padmasana, Siddhasana, Swastikasana, Vajrasana, etc. are ideal
  •  Place the hands with palm pointing upwards on the thighs or the knees.
  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths with the awareness of the breathing process.
  • Now fold your small finger and tap the tip of the small finger to the tip of the thumb.
  • The rest of the three fingers should be keep extended as much as possible.
  • Varun Mudra can be practiced with both hands simultaneously.

Benefits of Varun Mudra:

  1. Prevents Dehydration

Inadequate consumption of water leads to a deficiency of water in the cells, which causes dehydration in the body. Varun mudra re-hydrates tissues and cells at a cellular level and provides relief from a range of disorders like constipation, dehydration etc.

2. Moisturization of Skin

The outermost layer of skin does not contain a much amount of water Therefore it becomes rough. Varun mudra helps in maintaining a proper flow of water throughout the body. Thus, it removes roughness and makes skin moisturized.

3. Reduce Cholesterol

Varun mudra directly points on making the body clean and extract waste thus it helps in reducing cholesterol.

4. Cleans Blood

Varun mudra prevents the inadequate distribution of body water and maintains a good flow of water in blood vessels. Hence it helps in cleaning the blood. Regular practice of this mudra also purifies the blood and improves blood circulation in the body.

5. Prevent Skin Diseases

Varun mudra moisten the skin naturally. So, it is very useful in dry skin diseases like Psoriasis, itching, acne, scars, wrinkles redness & skin tightness.

6. Stimulate Sacral Chakra

In 7 series of Chakras, the power of sacral chakra can be stimulated by the presence of water. As Varun mudra is a Jal Mudra, any deficiency caused by imbalance of sacral chakra can be treated.

7. For Dry Eyes

Blurred vision due to dry eyes if left untreated, may even lead to eye infection. Varun mudra lubricate the front surface of eyes when practised consistently & thus remove eye dryness.

8. Varun mudra for glowing skin

Varun mudra helps in the distribution of water within the cell and prevents dead skin cells. By the regular practice of Varun mudra, the flow of water gets better. This results in clean skin, reduced pimples, and wrinkles.

Another reason for different skin problems like acne, itching, is impurities present in our blood.

Varun mudra removes the impurities of blood. Clean blood helps in the skin’s shine. If you do this mudra regularly, it helps in fair and clean skin.

9. For Regulation of Urine

It helps to cleanse the kidney of the human body. The mudra is beneficial to boost the process of urination in the human body.

10. Prevent Degeneration of joint, cartilage, osteoarthritis.

11. Helps to regain taste sensation

Varun mudra helps to regain taste sensation. This mudra prevent the dryness of mouth.

12. Removes dryness of the body

Those who drink less water must practice this mudra. Because its regular practice removes dryness of the body.

13. Prevents gastroenteritis and nerve pain and shrinkage

14. Effective in Oligospermia and Short Mensturation

The practice of this mudra provides relief from diseases like short urination (lack of urination), low semen (oligospermia), short menstruation, etc.

Side Effects of Varun Mudra :

However, all mudras are beneficial to us without any side-effects. As a result, nothing at all. Perform this mudra freely.

Those who have phlegm, bile, cold, cold or Snow philia should not practice Varun Mudra for a long time.

Varun Mudra Duration :

Perform this pose for 35 minutes at a stretch every day or for 10 to 12 minutes three times a day.

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